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Some Helpful Hints When You are At the Indoor Range

Your confirmation email contains an OPEN DOOR link which is active 15 minutes before your booking starts until 15 minutes after it is over. By clicking this link it not only opens the door but also turns on the simulator bay for you at your booking time. So, if you arrive little earlier, don’t sweat it, take the time to stretch and put on your golf shoes. The Bay will turn on at the correct time.

A few things to note to better operate the system. The screen on the wall is the launch monitor detailed statistics. Please make sure the under the Club details the Sticker Off is chosen (if it says Ball Data or Sticker On you will not receive your club head speed, smash factor, face to path, club path and club face). This software is set to automatically reload when you select Quit or accidentally hit the ESC key on the keyboard.  So if you arrive and it is prompting to Add New Club just follow the prompts (someone accidentally hit ESC which unload the software). Finally if you don’t see the correct statistics please select the Swing button at the top of the screen (sometimes twice) to bring you back to the main screen.

Now for the The Golf Club 2019 software. This is simulation software with over a 150,00 courses check them out at https://golfsimulatorforum.com/courses

When you arrive you just need to the move the mouse onto the big projection screen – the two screens together operate as one large screen.

Once you are on this screen click the Enter option at the bottom right of the screen. This will bring you into the main menu where you will see several options across the top.

I Want to Train – Hit the Range

If you want to go the range, practice your chipping or putting select the training option and then you can select the type of training you want to do. Make sure on the driving or chipping ranges you change your club accordingly – the launch monitor has the clubs profiled. You change your clubs by using the X or Z keys or clicking the the option in the top right of the screen. To get back to the main menu select the ESC key which will bring up a menu and you select Quit. a key point here: ESC in the TGC 2019 software will always bring up the menu but ESC on the launch monitor will unload the launch monitor software – just be aware where you mouse is when when selecting the ESC key. It’s no big deal the launch monitor software will reload – we just want you to avoid this inconvenience.

I want to Play A Course

If you were just training you will need to select Home from the top menu buttons. From here you will see Local Match. Before Creating the match first you may want to turn off putting by turning on Gimmes. Select the Settings option. Within Settings you will see a Game Play option. Scroll down in the Game Play section until you see Gimme. Select the option for On Green – this is our recommended selection. Anything on the green will result in a two putt and if your are 6ft (1.8m) from the hole it’s a 1 putt. Now you will see in the bottom left Esc Back – select this to return to main menu.

To change the course select Change Course under the Local Match option. From here you will see the quick selection options. You can search for a specific course by selecting the More Filters options and selecting the Search option.

Now that you have selected the course click the Create Match. You add you players by selecting Add Guest. A cool option here is if you are playing alone you can select Add Ghost and play against someone with a similar handicap. Once you have added the players you can click each player and Edit their name and handedness. Finally click the tee option under the name and you can select which tees to hit from.

Now select Begin round and your round will start.

Don’t panic if you didn’t set the gimmes.. By hitting ESC it will bring up the menu options and across the top you will see the Settings option to make the gimme selection. You can rewind a shot when it’s your turn by selecting the ESC key and Rewind Shot option.

In the bottom right if you select the eye icon you can have a fly over view which is helpful for knowing the hazards. When you are OB you will select a drop point , just hit the Enter key or the E key or you will see options in the bottom right.

The software is always going to suggest a direction and club to get you back on the fairway. If you want to change your direction use the arrow keys. If you want to change your club, it’s the same keys as in training X or Z.

The middle left of the screen provides an overview of the hole. Hovering the mouse over this overview will provide distances to anywhere on the hole – it’s a great way to see how far that trap or water hazard is.

I want to Extend My session

If you are deep into a round and you see our expiration notice pop-up at 15 minutes and 10 minutes left in your round you can extend your round. Just head on over to the website and book the subsequent block on the same sim using the same email address as your original booking. When you receive the confirmation email simply click the OPEN DOOR link and it will queue up your session extension. Make sure this is done within the 15 minutes of your current session terminating – too early or too late won’t work!

Have fun and enjoy. If you have any questions please contact us at 647-295-8102 or buy selecting the call button on the doorbell outside.